2021 Conference Resources

RECORDINGS (4 plenaries, 4 workshops, 2 worship services)

Event Video Presentation
Welcome and Plenary 1 with Tod Bolsinger
(Keynote begins at 22:40)
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Plenary 2 with Aimee Laramore
(Keynote begins at 12:30)
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Plenary 3 with Brandi Casto-Waters
(Keynote begins at 12:20)
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Plenary 4 with Tod Bolsinger
(Keynote begins at 12:50)
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Workshop A11 with Olanda Carr
Creating a Culture of Generosity
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Workshop B21 with Karl Mattison
Planned Giving 101
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Workshop C31 Deborah Rexrode
Giving as a Spiritual Discipline
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Workshop D41 with Ellie Johns-Kelly
Policies and Procedures for Managing Your Planned Giving Program
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Opening Worship with Brandi Casto-Waters
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Closing Worship with Elizabeth Eaton
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Workshop Resources

A-12 Holy Currencies: Stewardship 365 Overview and Application
SK21-A-12-1 Download

A-13 NWC: Teaching the Spiritual Discipline of Generosity in New and Emerging Faith Communities – Jon Moore
SK21-A-13 Download

A-14 Five Disciplines of Financially Thriving Churches – Joe Park and Tom Norwood
SK21-A-14-1 Download

A-15 Jumping Over Hurdles: Building a Community of Generosity – Jake Wilson
SK21-A-15 Download

A-16 Planned Giving: A Theological Understanding – John Eggen and Mark Olsen
SK21-A-16 Download

B-22 Coaching the Habit of Giving – Rob Hagan
SK21-B-22 Download

B-23 Building Stewardship Through a Focus on Ministry Strengths – Ellie Johns-Kelly
SK21-B-23 Download

B-25 The Whole Story: Inspiring Generosity – Rick Young
SK21-B-25-1 Download

C-32 Introduction to Endowments – Olanda Carr
SK21-C-32 Download

C-33 Wise Debt: Strategies for determining, if, when, why, and how much a church should borrow – Clare Lewis
SK21-C-33 Download

C-34 Stewardship After the Gift – Joseph Moore and Mark Stauffer
SK21-C-34 Download

C-35 Generating Generous People – Justin Spurlock
SK21-C-35 Download

D-43 From 1st Steps to Launch: Giving Campaigns for Beginners – Suzan Hawkinson
SK21 D-43 presentation Download
SK21-D-43-handout Download

D-44 Separating Church Finances and Stewardship – Rene Myers
SK21-D-44 Download

D-45 Seasons of Stewardship – Deborah Rexrode
SK21-D-45 Download

D-47 Growing Your Endowment: A Planned Giving Campaign – John Eggen and Mark Olsen
SK21-D-47 Download

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