The Hesitant Herald: Why Preachers (and Stewardship Committees!) Hate Talking About Money and What to Do About It

PowerPoint Presentation

This webinar was led by Karl Travis on June 13, 2017.

Description of Webinar:
Pastors are preachers, administrators, counselors, project managers, meeting moderators and so much more. Among these roles many pastors report that fundraising is their least favorite. Likewise, stewardship committees are staffed with generous stewards willing to give, but unsure how to encourage others to do likewise. Why is that? What hurdles do faithful pastors and leaders face when it comes to preaching and counseling about generosity? Before the church talks about technique (the mechanics of generosity), how are leaders to think about truth-telling (why we give)?

This shared time will focus on overcoming resistances to embracing generosity as we walk with parishioners towards trust in God’s provision and a love for sharing.

Participants will be able to:
-Convince pastors and lay leaders that stewardship ministry is more than fundraising and that raising consciousness is even more important than raising dollars.
-Help identify personal resistances to truth-telling concerning money and generosity.
-Provide resources for religious leaders seeking to create an openness to financial generosity in the congregation.

Who will benefit from this webinar:
– Preachers
– Pastors
– Stewardship Committee members
– Session members