As we continue to move through challenging times the Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference is working to be an example of how we can be together in community, safely, while continuing to nurture each other, learn together, and care for God’s world as we are called.

For in-person conference attendees the following information outlines the steps we are taking to reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus, and logistical information for the space we will be sharing.

  • Per CDC guidelines, we will be requiring all individuals to wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. While eating, we ask that you lower your mask long enough to take a bite of food or sip of your drink and then replace your mask. 
  • We are the only group that will be at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center during our conference.
  • Based on attendee registration we will be at approximately 20-50% of capacity across the various spaces we are using.
  • The Ballroom that we will eat our two main meals, offer snack breaks, our Tuesday afternoon reception, and where the exhibits will be located is 17,500 square feet and has an occupancy of 1,930. We will also be adjacent to large lobby spaces providing significant opportunities for social distancing.
  • For our two group meals, we will have 6’ round tables set with 6 chairs at each table.  These tables would normally have 10 chairs set around them. 
  • Our Monday night reception will be held in a space that has an adjacent outdoor balcony allowing you to choose to be inside or outside.