Workshop Block A – Monday, 3:45 – 5:00 PM (choose one)

A-11 Gospel & Money – How do you share both the good news of the gospel and talk directly about the issues of stewardship and money in the church. Come and hear insights from the field, share stories, and get some hopeful motivation and practical ideas for your next sermon series on one of the most needed and most avoided topics in our congregations. Led by Rev. Dr. Brian Coulter, First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Worth, Texas.

A-12: Building Powerful Donor Relationships – With fewer people making financial contributions to ministry, the support of financial leaders is more important than ever. What do financial leaders really want from you and how can you ensure they continue to stay engaged? Get the latest research and information on what donors really want (it’s not as difficult as you think!), as well as ideas for asking for support, and measuring effectiveness. Presented by Kristine Miller, CFRE, Partner and Executive Vice-President Horizons Stewardship.

A-13 Leveraging Generosity vs. Weaponizing Giving – We can leverage generosity to promote and encourage Christian values meeting our duty to care for the poor and marginalized. Or, we can weaponize giving to punish those with whom we disagree by withholding support regardless of “collateral” damage. Using a case study we will look at the key differences and discuss ways to encourage our congregations toward positivity. Presented by Tim Haworth, Chaplain at First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Illinois.

A-14 Stimulating Stewardship through Collaboration and Leadership Development – Looking at the process and success of The Metro DC Stewardship and Mission Support Table that brought together 75 congregations of the Metro DC Synod of the ELCA, we will get tips for stimulating stewardship in
 local congregations, cultivating stewardship leadership, engaging culturally and ethnically diverse congregations in stewardship conversations, and building a strong collaborative team. A panel discussion with Yvonne Lembo, Rev. Lamar Bailey, Rev. Darcy Tillman, Bob Sargeant, Natalie Cain, Katharyn Wheeler, and Rev. Jeff Wilson of the ELCA.

A-15 The Ultimate Welcome: Being Hospitable in a New WorldOne thing is certain, times are changing! Join us for this informative discussion created to help you ensure your church is a welcoming place for everyone as we slowly enter these constantly evolving post-pandemic times. In this session you will learn how to continuously encourage participation and inspire generosity as society navigates this complicated and ever-changing world. Presented by by Stefanie Marsden, and Jake Wilson, Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

A-16 Speaking Boldly and Surviving a Pandemic: Money Conversations – In 2018 Center Presbyterian Church was in a downward spiral: decreased giving, hemorrhaging cash, and suffocating debt. By 2021, the story changed from facing death to renewal. How? What steps were taken? Where was the Spirit at work in this change? We will explore these questions and invite participants to reflect on renewal and God’s presence through the practice of stewardship. Led by Rev. Tom Moore, Center Presbyterian Church, McMurray, Pennsylvania.

A-17 Transformation: Separating Church Finances and StewardshipToo often our tendency is to relegate stewardship to the activity that will raise next year’s budget. This is completely understandable, as we feel the urgency of ensuring we can meet the budget. However, this greatly restricts the rich development possible with a true engagement with spiritual discipline and growth. We need to give both church finances and stewardship dedicated attention. Led by Rene Myers, Mission Engagement Advisor with the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

A-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block B – Tuesday, 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM (choose one)

B-21 The Speed of Generosity – Generous communities are fast, nimble, and innovative. Rather
than seeing hurdles with fear and new ideas with suspicion, generosity embraces each challenge as an opportunity for growth and vitality. Generosity allows a congregation to move at the speed and rhythm of the most divinely generous relationship – the Trinity. Learn about barriers that keep us from being
generous, discover how the Trinity connects with real life and cultivate generosity of spirit (and wallet).
Led by Rev. Justin Spurlock, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church.

B-22 Storytelling as the Basis of Year Round Generosity – Year round stewardship is not asking for money all year long. It is building a foundation of stories of ministry impact and stories of generosity. The focus of those stories should be the change that happens in people’s lives. This workshop will teach how to interview for and to write/tell these stories. Presented by Mike Ward, Partner, GSB Fundraising.

B-23 Theology for Year Round Money Talk – We will look at twelve biblical money topics to talk about all year long. explore resources for preaching the stories that train people to think generously. Take  away outlines for classes for a Biblical understanding of handling money and tools for communicating with the congregation weekly in ways that encourage a change of thinking on giving and budgeting. Led by Rev. Edd Breeden, Pastor and Presbytery Treasurer, The Presbytery of San Jose.

B-24 Cyber Security and Stewardship: What Every Church Needs to Know – Cyber-attacks and data breaches are becoming more common and unfortunately churches are not immune. We will discuss how to protect financial resources and confidential data. By establishing a cyber security plan, you can build confidence with your congregation and safety for electronic giving.  We will provide examples of active schemes leveraged by bad actors, proactive tasks you can take in order to prevent cyber-crime, and actions to take if an event does occur. Led by Robert Hawkey of the Board of Pensions of the PCUSA.

B-25 Values Based Investing: Incorporating Your Church’s Values Into Your Investments – We acknowledge God is master of all, including our investments.  Are we honoring God and our values through our investments?  As an investor, you own or lend to the companies you are invested in.  Do those companies reflect your values?  Do you want to provide your capital to them to support and advance their work? We will explore these questions and show you how can invest to realize market returns and reflect your values. Led by Brad Masters, Vice President, New Covenant Trust Company.

B-26 The Word Shall Not Come Back Void: Preaching Stewardship Year-Round – A paradigm shift to preaching stewardship year round is a challenging step to take. Together we will propose ways to make
that shift joyfully and create a collective learning environment that fuels church-wide cultures of generosity. Take away a new perspective on the joy of preaching stewardship and calendar with potential themes and texts. Presented by Rev. Rose Niles, Ministry Relations Officer, the Presbyterian Foundation.

B-27 The Ministry of Fundraising – Does raising funds feel like a “necessary evil”? Does your staff grudgingly invite financial participation and maybe only when the budget is low? In “A Spirituality of Fundraising,” Henri Nouwen said, “Fund-raising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry.” Explore your own beliefs about fundraising, how approaching fundraising as a ministry can transform your
church, and practical tools to take home. Led by Chris Winkler, Vice-President for Church and Stewardship Ministries, Wycliffe Bible Translators.

B-28 Discussion with  Dawn Hyde– continue the conversation started in our plenary session with this opportunity to explore deeper the themes and topics introduced earlier.

B-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block C – Tuesday, 3:15 – 4:30 PM (choose one)

C-31 Re-framing Stewardship as a Spiritual Discipline of Generosity – The annual stewardship campaign can be feel monotonous, stressful, and discouraging. This workshop will encourage participants to re-frame their understanding of generosity to a spiritual discipline which empowers generosity not just as financial giving but as a way of life. Drawing on personal and pastoral experience, the workshop will offer ideas for creating a generosity which moves people in terms of their relationship to God to giving. Led by Rev. Dr. April Davis Campbell, of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Woodbury, Minnesota.

C-32 Introduction to Endowments: Why Have One, and What are They? – What exactly is an endowment and how might your church benefit from encouraging endowed giving? This workshop covers the basics of endowment, how endowments are managed, and the value they offer the long-term life of a church. Get practical steps on how to establish or breathe new life into an existing endowment by discussing tips for legacy conversations, creating an investment policy,  risk tolerance, selecting professional investment managers, and the importance of financial transparency. Led by Stephen Keizer, Vice-President for Ministry Relations and Olanda Carr, Senior Ministry Relations Officer of the Presbyterian Foundation.

C-33 Stewardship, Faith, and Investing your Talents -The parable of the Talents reminds us that if we are faithful with a few Talents, we will be faithful with many.  Come explore why good stewardship means not hiding them but managing them faithfully and professionally, enabling growth and blessings to multiply.  We will cover key investing topics for churches, provide insights on establishing an investment plan and offer practical tips for your investment approach using breakout groups and active work-shopping. Led by Peter Maher, and Jacqueline Boersema, Director of Financial Education of the Board of Pensions, PCUSA.

C-34 Telling the Story of Generosity by Understanding Current Trends – What’s happening in the world of donors in light of the effects of the pandemic and current trends in religious affiliation? How does our stewardship communication most effectively tell our stories to current, former, and potential donors today? This workshop will help you develop an understanding of the landscape for religious giving give you tools for analysis of your donor constituencies and communications tools for sharing your message
Presented by Meredith McNabb, Associate Director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.

C-35 Generosity Approaches for a Diverse World -This workshop will help you to develop generosity through the lens of the shared story of the community gathered. We will consider both cultural and individual perceptions of abundance, wealth, and vitality. Communal story centered mechanisms create organic outflows of generosity which often meld the church with the community in an inextricable way. Presented by Rev. Lucille “CeCee” Mills, Asst. to the Bishop for Shared Ministry & Call Process of the North Carolina Synod, ELCA.

C-36 Talking the Talk: Speaking to the Generations – How do we communicate the generosity message to the different generations of our membership? Techniques, styles and methods will be explored as well different attributes that are associated with each generation. Gain new methods and ideas on communicating and sharing the generosity message. Presented by Rev. Dr. Rick Young, President of the Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

C-37 Mobilization in a Time of Crisis – From the first moments of a crisis, there is a desire to “help”. How can organizations engage the public in ways that effectively mobilize people to seize opportunities for engagement and help advance understanding of your organization’s mission and work? Learn about LIRS’ crisis playbook and the tools to bolster impact, advocacy, and fundraising through grassroots mobilization strategies. Led by Dr. Kristin Witte, Director for Mobilization and Faith Relations at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.

C- 38 Discussion with Michael Bos  – continue the conversation started in our plenary session with this opportunity to explore deeper the themes and topics introduced earlier. 

C-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block D – Wednesday, 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM (choose one)

D-41 Plenary Discussion for Virtual Attendees  An online only opportunity for the conference virtual participants to engage directly with our live plenary speakers.

D-42 Childlike Stewardship: Giving and Tithing for Children, Youth, Adults, and Everyone – It’s vital to ensure that the young people of the church understand the role they play as stewards, and that we understand it, too. We’ll explore three types of “young people” (children, teenagers, and young adults), discuss giving trends, expert recommendations for encouraging stewardship and how they intersect. Learn the “golden rules” of stewardship and discover that perhaps this “childlike stewardship” can work for more than just a children’s sermon. Presented by Carson Brown, Director of Christian Education at Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church.

D-43 Unlocking Potential Within Beneficiary Designation Giving – Donors want to include your organization as a part of their legacy gift plan, but sometimes they just don’t realize how easy it is! This
workshop will explore how to encourage donors to make gifts outside of the will, that benefit their family and organizations they love, using simple beneficiary designations. Gain an understanding of how assets from an estate are distributed at death and how to identify assets best given to charity. Led by Ryan Ebner, Regional Gift Planner for the ELCA Foundation.

D-44 How to Survive a Church Building Project – Building projects create excitement as congregations envision new ministry possibilities. Along with the excitement comes anxiety. Is this the right time for our congregation to consider this project? What is the best way to get started? Can we really afford a project of this size? How will we pay for the project? Will this affect our ministry budget? Learn about best practices for successfully navigating church construction projects of all sizes. Presented by Clare Lewis, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at the PCUSA Investment and Loan Program.

D-45 Exploring Generosity Tools – In this fast paced session, you will: learn to identify, measure, interpret, report and take action on Key Performance Indicators known to impact annual, capital and planned giving. Gain an understanding of the financial impact correlated to a household’s engagement in worship, spiritual formation and serving others. Discover data-driven strategies for identifying and growing donor segments, and explore tools to increase generosity. Led by Joe Park, CEO and Principle at Horizons Stewardship.

D-46 Stories the Motivate Stewardship – A compelling story can motivate people to support your
congregation. But how do you find those stories, and how do you present them to motivate giving? Learn how to look for these stories and where to share them in this straightforward workshop. Anyone can implement these stories at their church, big or small. Presented by Robyn Davis Sekula, Vice-President of Communications and Marketing at the Presbyterian Foundation.

D-47 Stewardship After the Gift -After a Church receives gifts from its people, the responsibility for good stewardship shifts to the Church. When the Church handles money well, we honor God and the people who give. When we handle it poorly, we dishonor God as well as the people giving to God’s church. In this workshop, we’ll briefly discuss the practical theory of what it means to run a church with healthy finances and then go in-depth on tactics and tips of how to put the theory into action for churches of all sizes – small to large – from policies to weekly routines to financial reporting and controls. Co-presented by Rev. Joseph Moore, Ministry Relations Officer with the Presbyterian Foundation, and Mark Stauffer, retired financial professional and church treasurer.

D-48 Better Together: Stewardship Outside the Box -The Center Baltimore (Mission Outside the Box) is a mission partner of the Presbytery of Baltimore that hosts groups for mission weeks, teaches community organizing and partners with communities to make meaningful change. During COVID-19, we gave 10% of our fees to community partners knowing it was going to be a year of financial loss. Using this as a case study learn how to utilize your platform as a church to fund-raise jointly and brainstorm opportunities for your life of stewardship. Led by Rev. Michele Ward, Steering Committee Co-Chair, The Center Baltimore.

D-49 The Heart of Planned Giving: Interfaith Perspectives on Legacy and Estate Giving – This panel discussion will review the insights learned and common ground discovered from a variety of leaders from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu traditions. The panel will feature contributors to Church Publishing’s new book Faithful Giving: The Heart of Planned Gifts and will highlight tools and resources to empower your own congregation’s legacy/estate giving efforts. Leave with knowledge and insights from other denominations and faith traditions and inspiration to try new endeavors and collaborations. Moderated by James W. Murphy, Managing Program Director Stewardship Resources and Operations, Episcopal Church Foundation, and including Yvonne Jones Lembo, Karl Mattison, M. Yaqub Mirza, and Stacy B. Sulman.

D-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.