Workshop Block A – Monday, 4:00 – 5:15 PM (choose one)

A-11 Growing Healthy Stewards – This workshop will explore opportunities to grow as a steward leader by listening to God, self, and one another. We will practice active listening strategies for nurturing giving relationships, examine the concept of whole-person stewardship, and tools for embracing a coaching model to support growing healthy stewards and disciples.  Led by Tammy Devine, ELCA Coaching Coordinator for Stewardship and Discipleship

A-12 Coaching the Habit of Giving – As much as we want to believe that individuals are naturally generous, that doesn’t mean that we know how to “give.” The behavior of generous, empathetic giving through time, talent, and treasure must be modeled and taught. This workshop will train you to model the behavior of giving that will help your church thrive, and will provide strategies for coaching people in a habit of giving that is both natural and faith affirming.  Co-presented by Rev. Dr. Rob Hagan, Ministry Relations Officer and Karl Mattison, Vice-President, Planned Giving Resources from the Presbyterian Foundation.

A-13 Creating a Culture of Generosity – Is your congregation’s approach to stewardship stuck in a rut? Are you living in a state of scarcity and longing for abundance? This workshop will outline a program that has moved churches from a four-week stewardship campaign to a year-round culture of generosity. Learn how to form your Generosity Team, create an activities calendar for your church’s funds ministry, how to prepare a narrative budget, and how to integrate all aspects of your church into a life of generosity.  Led by Robert Hay, Senior Ministry Relations Officer, Presbyterian Foundation.

A-14 Convening Conversations that Matter – We can learn from development professionals to be donor-centered, but what does that look like in a Christ-centered Church? Donating is a conscious decision motivated by tangibles and intangibles like vision, stories, engagement, passion, call, beliefs, trust, and relationships. Come experience a proven way to foster conversations that provoke profound change and deepen relationships and commitment to a cause. Participants will learn how to facilitate these conversations in groups or one-on-one in your context, to share modern-day parables that inspire neighborliness and invite others to adopt an ethic of enough for all the thrive, and to mine theologically rich terms in the process including discernment, mentor, vocation, covenant, and more. Led by Lee Hinson-Hasty, Senior Director of Theological Education Funds Development at the Presbyterian Foundation 

A-15 Vulnerability, Shame, Courage, and Stewardship – Building on the principles from Brené Brown to examine the value in vulnerability and the courage needed to address shame around money, we will explore how this applies to Christian discipleship. You will leave this workshop with a greater awareness of personal and congregational money stories, and tools to use within your congregation that create openness, honesty, joy, and greater generosity.  Led by Roy Howard, Teaching Elder and Leadership Coach, Kairos Coaching.

A-16 Introduction to Endowments – What exactly is an endowment and how might your church benefit from encouraging endowed giving? This workshop will cover the basics of what exactly an endowment is, what an endowment is not, how endowments are managed, and the value they offer the long-term life of a church. Learn how to have legacy conversations in your church that explain the benefits of having endowed funds, and how to use those funds to keep your organization strong. Led by Stephen Keizer, Vice President of Ministry Relations at the Presbyterian Foundation

A-17 Responding to the Changing Landscape of Giving – If the current trends in giving continue, churches in the United States will have 20% less in ministry funding in 2023 than they had in 2018. This session examines in detail the four major shifts in donor activity that are driving the rapid decline in giving to the local church and offers practical solutions for churches to avoid this decline in their congregations. Gain an understanding of why funding ministry is more challenging today than just a few years ago, and learn practical steps necessary to help your ministry flourish.  Co-presented by Tom Norwood, Senior Vice President, and Joe Park, Managing Principal of Horizons Stewardship.

A-18 Marketing to Your Church (without always asking for money) – We’ve all experienced organizations, ministries, or even churches that are too heavy-handed about asking for money. There’s always a cause, a fund, a problem – some reason that money is needed. Don’t be that church! We’ll talk you through how to use some of the principles of marketing to communicate with your congregation year-round, inviting them to participate fully in the life of the church through good stewardship. We will talk about what motivates people to give and what makes people NOT want to support congregations. Led by Robyn Sekula, Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the Presbyterian Foundation.

A-19 Jumping Over Hurdles: Building a Community of Generosity – Examine five hurdles that cause problems for local congregations: lack of trust, lack of resources (human and monetary), previous history, and a stagnant giving base. Attendees will be lead through a close look at their current generosity and stewardship program and will leave with concrete suggestions for how to overcome the obstacles they face. Led by Jake Wilson, Relationship Manager at the Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

A-20 Discussion with Bob Sitze – Continue the conversation with Bob Sitze, plenary speaker and author of Stewardshift: An Economia for Congregational Change.

A-21 New Worshiping Communities: Finding Donors and Asking for Funds – Where does a New Worshiping Community (NWC) find the funds to carry it through to the time when internal giving can provide sustainable support. Once you identify a prospect, how so you go about asking? This workshop will introduce practical, systematic ways to identify prospective donors, and will help participants overcome their fear of asking by “listening their way” to a gift. Led by Jon Moore, Funds Development 1001 New Worshiping Communities, Presbyterian Mission Agency.

A-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block B – Tuesday, 10:15 – 11:30 AM (choose one)

B-22 Asset-Based Stewardship in the Small Church – Small membership congregations are often better at recognizing their limitations than affirming their unique assets. Small church stewardship has possibilities. The church’s vision need not be small, nor must it struggle with financial resources. From nurturing leadership, special gifts, bequests and the annual financial stewardship emphasis, this workshop will explore energizing stewardship ministry in the small membership congregations, offering new ideas and possibilities. Participants will receive a variety of practical resources to be adapted to their particular context. Led by Olanda Carr, Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation

B-23 Holy Currencies: Stewardship 365 Overview – This workshop will introduce the Holy Currencies model and curriculum that empowers congregations to expand their vision of stewardship beyond money to include the currencies of relationship, truth, wellness, gracious leadership, time, and place. Learn how to shift from maintenance to mission, from scarcity to abundance, and from fear to grace. We will introduce living in a Cycle of Blessings with practical tools that expand the vision of stewardship.  Led by Bill Cruse and Linda Elam Young, East Coast Regional Director and Senior Associate at the Kaleidoscope Institute.

B-24 The Ego and Soul of Giving – Together we will explore the opposition of heart and head, fear and faith, receiving and giving, and scarcity versus abundance. We will look at a checklist of the goodness of giving (soul) and how to stay focused on it, versus the derailer of ego and and how to recognize and avoid its influence. By focusing on soul led activities, and avoiding derailers we can promote generous hearts. We will review best practices for building this focus.  Led by Lisa Higginbotham, Regional Gift Planner with the ELCA Foundation.

B-25 You Ask for It: Conversations on the Giving Spectrum – How does a pastor overcome her/his reluctance to talk about money? Why is it important for the pastor to know what people give? How can a pastor help move his/her congregation from a culture of scarcity to one of abundance? Two pastors – a female Baby Boomer in an urban setting and a male Gen-Xer at a suburban church – discuss these and other questions related to generosity and discipleship. Louise Westfall, Central Presbyterian Church of Denver, Justin Spurlock, Grace Presbyterian Church of Highlands Ranch and facilitated by Sherry Kenney, Ruling Elder and Stewardship Coach

B-26 One’s Life Wallet: A Paradigm for Stewardship Discipleship – In this workshop you will develop a better understanding of and develop a practice for a theology of stewardship that can be articulated from and through preaching and teaching disciplines. Generosity is not just about 10% of our financial resources; God calls followers of Jesus to “tithe” all aspects of their lives: cognitive, affective, physical, spiritual, and financial. Come learn how to develop this life wallet, and how to teach this as a practice to your congregations. Led by Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh, Pastor/Head of Staff, Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Woods, California.

B-27 Planned Giving 101 – In this workshop we will explore the basics of  planned giving programs, including: fundamentals every congregation should have in place to support legacy programs, the information church leadership needs to know about different planned gift types, how best to ask for planned gifts,and more!   Led by Karl Mattison, Vice President of Planned Giving Resources for the Presbyterian Foundation

B-28 Speaking Boldly: Money Conversations in the Church – Too often, church leaders are hesitant to talk about money in the life of the church. Whether this comes from lack of knowledge, questions about money-talk in the life of the church, or worries about offending the congregation the statistics don’t lie: giving to churches is going down as giving to other nonprofits is going up. This workshop will equip congregational leaders with a theological framework as well as practical applications for speaking comfortably and boldly about money in the life of the church. Led by Rev. Tom Moore, Pastor of Center Presbyterian Church in McMurray, Pennsylvania.

B-29 Effective Tools for Growing Year Round Stewardship – Learn four key strategies to help with more effective year-round stewardship: 1) assessing where you are, 2) identifying important principles, perspectives,practices, and skills, 3) knowing how to make an effective ask, and 4) monitoring progress and measuring outcomes. Take away practical tools to help your conversation move forward. Led by Keith Mundy, Program Director for Stewardship with the ELCA.

B-30 The Whole Story: Inspiring Generosity – How do you get people to tell their generosity story? Who do you ask? What do you ask? How do you ask? What can you do to create maximum impact? This workshop will answer these questions, as well as provide you with individual storytelling strategies based on a proven approach for effectively generating powerful stories of giving. Led by Rick Young, President of the Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

B-31 Discussion with Denise Anderson – This is an opportunity to have further discussion with keynote speaker Denise Anderson. Explore how we address diversity in our congregations and communities, how that changes who we serve, and how we recognize our neighbors. Denise is the Coordinator for Racial and Intercultural Justice at the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

B-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block C – Tuesday, 1:45 – 3:00 PM (choose one)

C-32 Training Stewards to be Generous – How we handle money in our lives has a lot to do with how we grow our spiritual depth. There is a deep connection between the two. Looking at passages in the New Testament, this workshop will help attendees see the eight different categories of teaching on spirit and money, as well as some of the benefits of knowing different approaches to handling money and money conversations. Led by Edd Breeden, Treasurer for the Presbytery of San Jose in California.

C-33 Applying Holy Currencies: Stewardship365 – From the Stewardship365 curriculum you will learn 3 different ways the Holy Currencies model can support a year-round stewardship model with creative approaches for helping stewardship teams and congregations explore becoming sustainable missional communities. Through small-group Kaleidoscope Bible Sharing, preaching the cycle of blessings, and a narrative budget shaped by Holy Currencies, attendees will discover how all six currencies can flow internally and externally expanding the experience of living in God’s abundant blessings. Presented by Bill Cruse, Senior Associate at the Kaleidoscope Institute.

C-34 The End is Not the End of the Story– Stewardship is about how we have cared for the people, places, and things over the course of entire life, and our lives are full of great stories that demonstrate that caring. How do you communicate your story to the one’s you love, your church, and the world, and how to you help those that come after you learn from your story? Attendees will gain practical tools for telling personal stories of lifetime stewardship, and strategies for expressing your values through those stories.  Led by Rev. Dr. Rob Hagan, Ministry Relations Officer with the Presbyterian Foundation.

C-35 Talking to Children About Stewardship – How do we talk to children about stewardship in a world of technology, online giving, and changing habits around “regular” church attendance. What strategies can we use to teach and demonstrate the act of stewardship without rejecting the world as it is today? This workshop will explore the challenges of teaching stewardship to children in language and habits that make sense for them. Led by Robert Hay, Jr., Senior Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation

C-36 Wise Debt! Strategies and tools for determining if, when, why, and how much, a church should borrow – Used strategically, debt can be a valuable tool for churches wishing to expand their mission and ministry. Understanding when, or if, a congregation should consider assuming debt is the key to successful debt management. Clare will share best practices – the pros and pitfalls experienced by hundreds of congregations who have successfully, and some not so successfully used debt as an effective tool for ministry. Led by Clare Lewis, Vice President with the Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program

C-37 Debunking the Myths of Socially Responsible Investing – There is a sense that socially responsible investing means you have to give up returns or that the ability to have a diversified high-performing portfolio won’t be available. But that is simply not true. In this workshop you will get an overview of the principles of socially responsible investing, what it means in different contexts, and how to manage your investments in a way that provides great stewardship of your assets and is consistent with your values. Led by Brad Masters, Vice President, Business Development and Financial Advising and Greg Rousos, President and CEO of the New Covenant Trust Company. 

C-38 Building Trust in Your Stewardship Program – Trust is an important aspect of any stewardship program. Cultivating an atmosphere of trust is a year round responsibility and is paramount to the success and/or failure to a congregation’s program. We will look at ways in which trust can be destroyed and built with examples and solutions to each. You will get concrete examples of ways in which to build trust in the congregation, pitfalls to avoid, and trust between the pastor, session, congregation, finance, and stewardship committee. Led by Kristi Posewitz, Director of Marketing with the Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

C-39 Generating Generous People – In a culture that is increasingly more tribal, a posture and practice of generosity is needed more than ever. Generosity comes from an openness that is founded in grace. Such grace generate curiosity, authenticity, vulnerability, and a posture of gratitude, Congregations founded in such values generate people who generously share, generously give, and generously cultivate more generous households, neighborhoods, and communities. Discover the theological core of generosity, practical ways to cultivate the values of grace, and tools for sharing the vision of generosity.  Led by Justin Spurlock, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Presbytery of Denver, Colorado.

C-40 The Generosity Project – The Generosity Project (TGP) is a lens, tool, and resource for connecting all generations and equipping households as centers for the faith practice of generosity. TGP is about how we live, how we share, and how God’s story in Jesus shapes our lives, our identity, and daily decisions as consumers. TGP is based on inter-generational interaction. Attendees will learn strategies for bringing the principles of TGP into their congregations, households, and daily lives.  Led by Linda Staats, The Generosity Project Coordinator for the ELCA.

C-41 Discussion with Jon Wolf – Justin will continue the conversation about how we can use technology to engage members who may not be sitting in the pews. What does this new way of connecting allow us to do in the life of the church, in stewardship, and in how we respond to our call as Christians. Jon is the Pastor of Digital Engagement and Faith Formation, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park, Kansas.

C-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.

Workshop Block D – Wednesday, 10:00 – 11:15 AM (choose one)

D-42 Technology, Church, and Stewardship – What are the technological trends in giving and communications, and how might they impact the Church in the future? This workshop will explore new technologies, trends in technology, and address fear of new technology. We will look beyond social media, consider the change technology represents, and the opportunities for the Church in embracing some of these changes. Led by Rev. Annanda Barclay, Interim Chaplain, San Francisco Theological Seminary.

D-43 Communicating With and Cultivating Different Generations – This workshop will explore the differences across generations related to stewardship practices. We will look at the representation of different generations in the church, key communication preferences and strategies for each, and where we can find common language to encourage giving. Led by Olanda Carr, Senior Ministry Relations Officer from the Presbyterian Foundation

D-44 Tithing is Not Just for Individuals – What does it mean to be a tithing congregation and what impact can it have on your church? Come hear the personal story of the transformation that happened when First Presbyterian became a tithing church. We saw how God can provide increase when we do our part, and the lessons that can be shared through generosity. Led by Rick Hague, Elder and Pastor Scott Prouty

D-45 Translating the Alphabet Soup of Philanthropy – CRTs, CLTs, DAFs, PIFs, QCD – what does it all mean and how does it fit together? In this workshop we will look at various vehicles for giving to understand what they are, the circumstances in which you might use them, and how you can benefit from tax strategies to stretch your philanthropic dollars. Led by Maggie Harmon,  Ministry Relations Officer with the Presbyterian Foundation

D-46 From 1st Steps to Launch: Giving Campaigns for Beginners – In this workshop participants will learn to build a stewardship team and operating budget campaign by 1) grounding in the core values of God’s call to wholesome stewardship, 2) translating the core values into unique context, and 3) building a campaign practice that cultivates stewardship understanding and competence over he years.  Led by Suzan Hawkinson,  Pastor, 1st Presbyterian Church of Deerfield, Illinois.

D-47 Policies and Procedures for Managing Your Planned Giving Program  – Help build confidence in your planned giving program by having clear policies that help explain how donor’s gifts will be managed and used. Policies provide consistency for your program as leadership may change, and over time. What policies do you need to have, what are the best practices for managing your planned giving program, and what are the things that are just nice to have. We will explore all of this!  Led by Ellie Johns-Kelly, Ministry Relations Officer from the Presbyterian Foundation

D-48 Generosity ER: Bringing Life to Your Generosity Program Before It’s Too Late… – Is a vibrant culture of generosity important to you? Would you like to inspire generosity throughout your congregation? Then this is the work shop for you! Please come explore the most effective ways to quickly breathe fresh life into your generosity message and stewardship program. We’ll review the key tenets of inspiring generosity, as well as provide you with actionable strategies you can apply now. Led by Stefanie Marsden, Relationship Manager of the Texas Presbyterian Foundation

D-49 Seasons of Stewardship – What would it look like if we experienced “seasons of stewardship” instead of a “stewardship season?” Seasons of stewardship would happen throughout the entire year much like the seasons of our planet where one season prepares us for the next, and we reap the harvest in one season that were planted and nurtured in seasons earlier. Gain a new perspective of what year-round stewardship means and how to implement that approach. Led by Deborah Rexrode, Associate for Stewardship, Presbytery of the James

D-50 Cultivating Generous Congregations: Inspiring a Life of Faith and Giving – This workshop draws from the research of the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving to provide participants with an overview of the five mindset shifts necessary for any congregation and its leadership to become more generous as it lives into its calling as part of the Body of Christ. Learn some basic ways these “shifts” can be identified and implemented into the life of a congregation’s stewardship ministry to grow a culture of generosity. Led by Larry Strenge, Coordinator of Cultivating Generous Congregations with the ELCA.

D-51 New Worshiping Communities: Managing Community Finances – Budgets? Bank Accounts? Financial Statements? Accounting for Money? Non-Profit Status? All the things you never considered when you started a New Worshiping Community. This workshop will demystify these topics, show how they are connected, and suggest ways to stay on top of them. Managing finances doesn’t have to be a puzzle!  Led by  Presbyterian Mission Agency.

D-52 Discussion with Jonah So – During this time you will have the opportunity to continue the conversation started in the plenary session with Rev. Jonah So. Explore more on the topic of inter-generational communications on stewardship, engaging, and activating different generations in your church .

D-NA Personal Stewardship Time (Not attending a workshop this block) – Feel free to take this workshop time to have a personal time of sabbath and reflection, or to rest, or to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or whatever your soul needs.