2019 Conference Resources

Plenary and Worship Resources

Plenary 1 with Melissa Spas

National Study of Congregations’ Economic Practices
Website: https://www.nscep.org/
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Plenary 2 with Eric Law

Plenary 3 with Eric Law

Plenary 4 with Eric Law

Opening Worship with Diane Moffett

Closing Worship with Diane Moffett

Workshop Resources

A-11 – Offertory Laboratory – Bruce Reyes-Chow

A-12 – Growing Stewards Year-Round – Keith Mundy

A-13 – The Whole Story: Inspiring Generosity Through Individual Storytelling – Jake Wilson and Rick Young

A-15 – Vulnerability and Courage: The Practice of Stewardship – Part 1 – Roy Howard

A-16 – Asset-Based Stewardship in a Small Church – Olanda Carr

A-17 – Practicing Generosity of Body, Mind, Spirit: Loving Kindness – Cheryl Galan

A-19 – Rethinking Stewardship – New Strategies for Changing Times – Tom Norwood

B-21 – Wise Debt! Strategies and tools for determining if, when, why, and how much, a church should borrow – Clare Lewis

B-22 – Let the Budget Speak the Vision! – Rob Hagan

B-23 – You Ask for It: Conversations on the Giving Spectrum – Louise Westfall, Justin Spurlock, and Sherry Kenney

B-24 – Practical Planned Giving 101 – Karl Mattison

B-27 – Everyone’s Daily Bread – Phoebe Morad

B-28 – AirBnB and the Early Church: a Theology of Possessions for the Sharing Economy – JC Austin

B-29 – Practical Tips to Increase Giving – Jennifer Perrow

C-31 – Convening Conversations that Matter – Lee Hinson-Hasty

C-32 – Growing Your Endowment Through Process and Policy – Lisa Higgenbotham

C-34 – Creating a Culture of Generosity – Robert Hay

C-35 – Vulnerability and Courage: The Practice of Stewardship – Part 2 – Roy Howard

C-36 – How to Care for God’s Creation and Have a Church Building – Clare Lewis, Anne Gerreits, and Mark Stauffer

C-37 – When enough is enough: the sufficiency of God’s blessings – David Loleng

D-41 – Generosity ER: Bringing Life to Your Generosity Program Now! Before It’s Too Late… – Stefanie Marsden and Kristi Posewitz

D-42 – Endowments 101 – Steve Keizer

D-43 – Is There Too Much Power in Too Much Knowledge? – Karla Shaw

D-44 – Practicing Generosity of Body, Mind, Spirit: Forgiveness – Cheryl Galan

D-45 – Stewardship and End of Life Issues: Time for some pie? – Larry Strenge + Minner Servoy

D-46 – Donor-Centered Communications – How to delight your donors – Jennifer Perrow