2017 Conference Videos

2017 Keynote 1 with Adam Copeland

2017 Keynote 2 with Cynthia Rigby

2017 Keynote 3 with Cynthia Rigby

2017 Keynote 4 with Adam Copeland

2017 Worship with Shannon Kershner

2017 Workshop – Creating a Culture of Generosity with Robert Hay, Jr.

2017 Workshop – Donor-Advised Funds – What Are They and Why Are They So Popular? with Sherry Hester Kenney and Joe Tackett

2017 Workshop – Drafting a Winning Stewardship and Generosity Team with Olanda Carr

2017 Workshop – Endowments 101 with Lisa Longo

2017 Workshop – Funding Presbyteries in a New Environment with Steve Wirth, Leonard Nielson, and David Baker

2017 Workshop – Let the Budget Speak the Vision! with Rob Hagan

2017 Workshop – Making the ask with Ellie Johns-Kelley

2017 Workshop – Practical Planned Giving 101 with Karl Mattison

2017 Workshop – Smaller Capital Campaigns with John Wray

2017 Workshop – Stewardship for Children with Gina Struensee and Minner Serovy

2017 Workshop – Understanding Stewardship in Racial and Ethnic Communities with Jim Reese

2017 Webinar – The Hesitant Herald: Why Preachers (and Stewardship Committees!) Hate Talking About Money and What to Do About It with Karl Travis