2017 Conference Resources

Plenary Resources

Worship Resources

  • Monday Evening Worship
  • Wednesday Morning Worship

Workshop Resources


  • B-21 Stewardship 101: How a Presbytery Team Can Train Congregations – Part 2 – Charles Barton & Janis Upeslacis
  • B-22 Vulnerability and Courage: The Practice of Stewardship – Part 2 – Roy Howard & Shelby Harasty Etheridge
  • B-23 Electronic Giving: Using Digital Tools to Grow Ministry – Richard Rogers
  • B-24 Practical Planned Giving 101 – Karl Mattison
  • B-25 Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall! Create a Living Spirit of Generosity – Rick Young & Kristi Posewitz
  • B-26 Fundraising as Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care – J.C. Austin
  • B-27 Drafting a Winning Stewardship and Generosity Team – Olanda Carr
  • B-28 Understanding Stewardship in Racial and Ethnic Communities – Jim Reese


  • C-31 Funding Presbyteries in a New Environment – Steve Wirth, Leonard Nielson, & David Baker
  • C-32 How to Lead a Revolution in Giving and Generosity – Scott Mckenzie
  • C-33 A Theology of Benefits – Elizabeth Little
  • C-34 Planned Giving: 25 Ideas to Get You to the Next Level – Karl Mattison
  • C-35 The “Thank-You” Lens of Stewardship – Rosemary Mitchell
  • C-36 It’s Only Stuff! – The Theology of Possessions – Rick Young
  • C-37 Let the Budget Speak the Vision! – Rob Hagan
  • C-38 Stewardship for Children – Gina Stuensee & Minner Serovy


  • D-41 The Herald’s Hurdles: Obstacles to Frank Speaking about Money and How We Overcome Them – Karl Travis
  • D-42 How to Succeed in Congregational Stewardship by REALLY Trying – Steve Rusk & Bryce Wiebe
  • D-43 A Telling Secret: Why Congregations Hide Giving Data, and How to Change That – Charles Spencer
  • D-44 You Shall Know the Truth: How and Why to Implement a Financial Literacy Program in Your Church – Ryan Baer
  • D-45 Donor-Advised Funds – What Are They and Why Are They So Popular? – Sherry Hester Kenney & Joe Tackett
  • D-46 Smaller Capital Campaigns – John Wray
  • D-47 Making the Ask – Ellie Johns-Kelley

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