2012 Conference Resources

Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2012

Workshop  &  Plenary Materials

  Annual Campaigns That Really Work - Dave Crittenden

  Electronic Giving, Outline - Karl Mattison

  Extravagant Beggars: Sermon, Reverend Susan Andrews

  Generation Cycles - Jay Hudson

  Generation Gaps in Values - Jay Hudson

  Generations and Stewardship - Jay Hudson

  Getting to the Heart of the Gift - Melinda Hunt

  Making Money Move - Lisa Longo and Charles Spencer

  Planned Giving: What Every Church Can Do - Karl Mattison

  Presbytery - A Church Case Study - Hudson River Presbytery

  Presbytery - How a Presbytery Can Train Congregations - Hudson River Presbytery


  Stewardship in the Small Membership Church - Charles Spencer

  Stewardship of Gratitude - Ed Brenegar

  The Stewardship of Gratitude, Workshop Materials - Ed Brenegar

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